Dessert Pricing

$4 per person


Dessert Platters

Apple galette

French style open-face apple pie

Mini doughnuts

Chocolate sauce and fruit compote (DF)

Star anise poached pear

Whipped crème fraiche (GF)

Chocolate peanut crunch

Chocolate ganache, salted caramel, whipped cream

Flourless chocolate cake

Raspberry coulis (GF)



Chocolate Pot Au Crème

Orange marmalade, cookie

Chocolate mousse

House made mousse, oreo cookie crumb, fresh whip

Lemon Tart

Coconut crunch, lemon curd, crumbled meringue, fresh berry

Crème brule

Bourbon infused, sable cookie

Orange panna cotta

House made strawberry basil jam, lady finger


* All desserts are individual servings designed to be 3-5 bites to end the meal
* Served on platters or arranged in specialty designated dishes

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