Happy Thanksgiving!

Janik Livera, Catering & Events Manager at Blank Canvas Catering knows his way around a holiday event. As a host he recommends setting up a selection of wines for self-service so your guests can pour to their liking and you (as the host) are not tied up pouring beverages. But make sure you reserve a few bottles of white and red for the table setting to enjoy during your meal. Don’t let your guests finish off all the wine before the turkey is carved! Here are some wine selections that Janik found at Clover Crossing Liquor Store in Surrey, BC.

DIY Self Serve Wine BarFrom the chiller, the Winemaker’s House Rose is an off-dry rose with notes of watermelon, cherry and apple-blossom and with a purchase price of $12.99, you can pick up a few extra bottles for upcoming dinner parties. Next, the Wild Goose Autumn Gold is an off-dry aromatic white wine with notes of peach, lychee, apple, and pear. It has a bright acidity and pairs well with turkey, stuffing and even spicy foods. Priced at $18.96 this wine gets a gold start for Autumn. The Chaberton Reserve Bacchus is a local wine from Langley, BC priced at $19.91. It’san off-dry, light-medium bodied white wine with notes of lemon, honey and pear. It has an elegant, long finish and pairs well with turkey, family, friends, and great conversation. The Eau Vivre Cinq Blanc is on sale for $18.91 and a fantastic off-dry blend of 5 white varietals: Pinot Gris, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Gewürztraminer. It has a fresh acidity and the Viognier and Gewürtz rounds it out well. The Blank Canvas White by Chapter Estates Wine Co. an off-dry refreshing, light-bodied bright, fruity Gewürtz blend and currently on sale for $15.35. The label is blank for you to be able to write a special note to your guests.

If you prefer bubbles, you could opt for a sparkling wine or champagne. Starting at $5.09 for 200ml bottles or stun your guests with a Louis Roederer Cristal for $295.96. Did you know that sparkling wine pairs with almost everything? Bubbles cleanse your palate and allow new flavours to come through and they pair well with fatty foods and rich desserts like cheesecake!

DIY Self Serve Wine BarFor those who prefer red, pick up a bottle of Blank Canvas Red by Chapter Estates Wine Co. It’s locally produced in the Okanagan and a medium-full bodied merlot blend with smooth tannins. And easy drinking wine that pairs well with beef or gamier meat and dark poultry. It’s also currently on sale at Clover Crossing Liquor Store for $15.35. Or, try the Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir for $17.52. It’s a bright and lively Pinot Noir made from organically grown grapes and has good aromatic intensity with notes of berries such as cherry and raspberry with well incorporated hints of wood. On the palate is has a medium concentration and is round, well balanced, juicy and persistent. It pairs well with poultry and game and mature cheeses. The ever-popular Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Noir is also a wonderful choice for $21.61. It has aromas of wild strawberries, anise and black tea. On the palate, earthy tones, plums, and toasted almonds come through. There’s a vibrant acidity with soft tannins that makes this medium-bodied wine an elegant selection.

So, head over to Clover Crossing Liquor Store and let them know you’re interested in Janik’s recommendations. The team at the store can help you from there!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving friends! 🍁🌽🍂🎃

* All prices are before tax and deposit and are subject to change.